Monday, February 25, 2008

Single Mom for a Week

My husband is gone to training for a week leaving me alone with 2 seven year boys all by myself! They are sweet boys but they are ALL boy! I went with them to karate class today since the teacher told me that they had been a little wild with each other the past few weeks. They were not happy that mama was there keeping an eye on them. At least today they both got a smiley face from school. Last week, one if not both of them, had bad reports from school. Nikolai had the nerve to "hop 2 times in the hallway"! Imagine that!! The nerve of the boy hopping like a rabbit! I'm sorry, but I think that is funny. I did tell him not to hop again inside the building but I could think of worse animals to imitate! At least he was not slithering like a snake in the hallway.


  1. Susan..that had me laughing about Nikolai getting in trouble for hopping like a rabbit.I do understand about boys being boys.Grandson Jeremy seems to be a lot noisier than our two daughters ever were.There is something about boys wanting to immitate sounds of things.Jeremy's teacher told his parents that Jeremy keeps the class laughing which I guess is a good thing since she didn't seem to mind.He gets good grades so that is what matters.He needs to learn to not to say the answers out loud during tests.He has gotten marked down a few times for doing that during a test.The nerve of him wanting to help out his classmates,lol.

  2. Susan, That is what boys do isn't it.Be noisy play rough and tumble. I would worry if they weren't.
    David is doing karate as well and will be doing his first grading next week.

  3. You mean Nikolai got in trouble for hopping like a rabbit in the hallway at school?! I hope not. That's a little extreme. Sorry, but it sounds cute. :-)


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