Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome Sam

This is Sam, Deniska's new kitten. He is 3 months old and very playful and loving. He will never replace Izzy with me, but his personality is sweet. He unrolled every yarn ball I had the night before last. We had yarn all over the house! Deniska is thrilled to have a brand new kitten! He is still unsure who he belongs to - this morning it is Dennis!


  1. Welcome, Sam! He's a cutie and it was so nice of you to give him all your yarn balls to unroll (hehe).

  2. What a cute, sweet kitty! Congrats on your new fur baby! He looks just like Zippo with the stripes and pink paw pads. :-)


  3. Susan,
    Sam is so pretty.We have two tabby cats and both are very vocal.Twinkie is the female and Sneaky is the male.Twinkie,Casey and Sneaky all say hi and welcome to the CHL family of pets.

  4. Susan, I heard it's your birthday! Best wishes! Sam is a doll. Or maybe I should say he's handsome since he's a boy, lol.

  5. Oh Susan, Sam is just too cute. I love tabbys, he looks so playful and fun. He will be great for the boys. Please give him a hug from me.

  6. AH! Welcome to your new family Sam! I can see Deniska with a big smile about his new kitten. I loved reading about how he unrolled all your yarn. Oh to be a kitten and the joys of exploring a new home.

    Hugs ~

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