Saturday, April 19, 2008

Welcome Anna

My friend Sara had gotten a kitten from her future mother-in-law to give to another friend. The other friend backed out and left Sara with the kitten. Sara's daughter and future husband are both allergic to cats. She asked me if I would take this little kitten, only 8 weeks old. How could I turn her down?
Anna is a beautiful Siamese mix. She is very social. Last night I woke up to her being in bed with me. I don't know how such a tiny kitten could climb such a big bed. She also had a accident last night on my bed. I woke up to a warm liquid on my legs. I don't know how her little bladder held so much liquid! Oh well, my sheets and mattress pad needed changing anyway. :) The boys adore her so much that I have to tell them to put her down. Anna adores my husband. She will follow him around. Silly little kitten - she doesn't know that she will be my cat in a few weeks!


  1. Oh Susan, what a sweet little girl Anna is!! I think she's found the perfect home, and a new mama who isn't even that upset with her for doing peepee in bed :) Give her a hug from me!

  2. I want a sweet baby kitten, too!
    Anna is just adorable. My girls would love her (and I would, too)
    The silly men at our house think they are allergic to cats...but not to kittens, I'm sure.

  3. Susan..Anna is adorablee.I love the antics of kittens.We had two kittens growing up together and they were loads of fun to watch.Enjoy all of your furry babies.They are all so precious.At one time we had 5 kitten...cats but are now down to 3 since two disappeared a few years ago.

  4. Susan, Anna is a little doll and so adorable. Does she know yet that she will be a spoiled and pampered feline? Perhaps she is already feeling spoiled and pampered though.

  5. Oh she is just so pretty. I love kittens especially siamese. She is just a little darling. Please give her a hug and a kiss from me.


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