Friday, July 4, 2008

Cupcakes for the sweet

I took these pictures as Deniska, Noah, and Jamie decorated cupcakes for their lunch. (Noah and Jamie are friends of ours.) They had a good time with this task! Nikolai, who doesn't like cupcakes (funny kid), would not participate in the cupcake decorating.

Put it on like this?

No, you can't lick the knife and use it again! Get a new knife!!

Let me show you how to do this correctly.

Ooooo, I love those sprinkles!!

Let's start on the 2nd one!

Mine are very pretty! See how pretty?

Can't have too many sprinkles!

What a good job they did!

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  1. Yoummy! Can I stop over for tea and a cupcake?

    Hugs ~


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