Saturday, July 26, 2008

JKCEF & Backpacks - what a day!!

We are fortunate to have the Joe and Kristina Crosby Education Foundation (JKCEF) located in our community. This year, JKCEF gave every elementary child in our county (probably around 4,000+) a quality backpack filled with school supplies. I hardly have the words to express my appreciation to this couple who are giving back to our community with such generosity. Not only did they do this, they both were present on site working! The day was filled with face painting, jumping room, beaded name tags for the backpacks, free ice cream, free fruit, hot dog plates ($2/ea) and support for parents. In addition, they give all the elementary teachers a Staples card for $100 in October on Make A Difference Day. As a high school teacher, I can state without any jealousy that elementary teachers deserve this and so much more! Thank you, Joe and Christina, for giving back and helping children to reach their dream!!
Most people think students drop out of school in high school. That may be when they physically drop out but it starts in grade school. Usually, I can trace back to the 3rd grade my students who eventually drop out. They drop out long before they ever get to high school. It's sad.

Deniska was very proud of his face painting of a dog. I would have gotten a picture of Nikolai's batman but it was ruined by the time we got home. I think most of it is on my shirt!


  1. How wonderful that these people/this foundation provided backpacks and supplies for all the children in your community - and gift cards for the teachers as well. Great story! Hope the newspaper got wind of it.

  2. I am so happy for your town, this sounds like the best kind of help.
    It sounds like so much fun too.


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