Monday, September 1, 2008

Snappy, the turtle

Years ago my friend Gail told me a story about their young children and a turtle. Every time a turtle would show up in their yard, they would tell their young boys that it was Snappy and he was there to visit. The turtle would stay a few days and then move on. This went on for many years and Snappy would show up at their grandparents house or in the road or any place. Snappy became a regular pet.
So, when a turtle showed up in my yard, I carried on the tradition of Snappy, the turtle. Deniska was so excited to tell Miss Gail that Snappy had come all the way to our house from her house. Snappy has visited us several times. I think the boys are catching on since Snappy had a different shell. Of course, Deniska did relate that last time they chipped his shell when he fell off Deniska's bicycle! (Oh my!) I finally convinced them that this was indeed the same Snappy!
This Snappy was a feisty little turtle. He would hiss at the boys! He stayed with us for a few days. Sadly, Snappy made a break for it yesterday afternoon. He is headed back to parts unknown and new adventures!


  1. Ah but think of the tales that Snappy will tell on his next return! What a cute entry Susan.

    My mother told me a hurricane is supposed to touch in at Georgia this week. Will you be affected by it?

    Hugs ~

  2. Yes, Heidi, we are expecting lots of rain and possibly tornadoes. We are praying for just the rain! Thanks for asking!!


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