Monday, June 7, 2010

Awards Day – May 28, 2010



Perfect Attendance for both boys. Sorry for the fuzzy picture – I still need a new camera…..


Nikolai received three 3rd grade awards: Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll. Art. He also got several class awards: Reading, Academics, and Mathematics.


Deniska received three 3rd grade awards: Perfect Attendance, Music, PE/Tiger Relay. He also got several class awards: Handwriting, Writing, and Mathematics.

We are very proud of both boys.

PS - I might also add that they were the ones who wanted to dress up. They looked so sweet!


  1. I am proud of them too!
    what good-looking and smart young boys they are growing up to and I know all your good loving care and guidance has so much to do with that.

    now take a deep breath, relax and I hope you enjoy every day of your summer break.

  2. Welcome back, Susan! I've missed your entries of the boys' doings. And they are so smart! Please tell them that Grandma Joyce is very proud of them. Wish I were that smart! You and Dennis are great parents.

    Love, Grandma Joyce


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