Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bloom Where You Are


This morning, after I dropped the boys off at camp, I stopped by Bloom grocery store to pick up a few items. I don’t normally shop at Bloom because they are too far away and a little pricey. However, when they have a sale, they have really good sale items. And, most importantly, it was on the way home and I did not have to drive out of my way.

This is what I bought today. The ketchup was on sale for 10/$10.00. They only had 7 bottles left so I got the seven. Cantaloupe was 99 cents each. The sour cream was $1/each. The grapes were 99 cents/pound. The total for my entire trip was $15.72 and my savings was $13.45. That’s a savings of 46%. This is not as good as I usually do, but I am happy with the items.


  1. good job Susan - I am guessing your boys are the age to be big ketchup fans.

    I have been shopping extra-careful this month and have even impressed myself with how far I am able to stretch my dollars by using coupons and watching sales.

  2. If there were no sales in a given shopping week; there would be no meals at my home. Very frugal, Susan.


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