Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bowties and Birthdays

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Deniska loves bowties.  He wears them most of the  time when he gets dressed up for church or other occasions.  He had rather wear bowties than ties.  He only has 2 bowties and they don’t always match what he is wearing.  Last night I happened across an article about the comeback of bowties.  Who knew that Deniska was ahead of his time?!!  The article was in the L.A. Times and best of all they had a free pattern.  The only alteration that I did was to inset elastic in the back of the tie instead of making it all cloth.  Deniska LOVES his new bowtie and has starting going through all my fabric for me to make him more.  I do think he looks cute in his bowtie!!

Today is my mother’s birthday.  Although she died several years ago, I still think of her and honor her on her birthday.  Since she taught me to sew, and loved to sew herself, she would be proud of Deniska’s bowtie.  I remember that she made my brother’s prom suit when he was in high school.  She made the coat out of bright red linen.  He thought he was super cool.  She made a lot of his coats and vests.  I don’t think I ever had a store bought dress or piece of clothing my entire life while I was living at home.  Mama also did sewing for other people.  She was a very accomplished seamstress.  She had many talents.  She had a cake decorating business on the side and made hundreds of birthday and wedding cakes.  Along with these talents, she managed a household, cared for her invalid mother-in-law, raised her children, loved her husband, and was a Godly woman.  She was not perfect, as none of us are, but she did the best that she could with what she knew.  We never doubted her love for my dad or for God.  I wish my children could have known her before she got Alzheimer’s.  Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you and miss you.  Enjoy your birthday with Daddy and my brothers.


  1. Deniska's bowtie is just gorgeous - and he looks so handsome! You are so talented with your sewing. I know how much you miss your mama. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. She certainly raised a compassionate, loving, kind, faithful daughter! Hugs to you.

  2. Susan, you did a great job on the tie, as you do in all you sew and craft - love the beaded bookmarks, too!
    I wish men would wear them more often - I do miss that! These times are much too 'relaxed' and people dress so sloppy. Deniska looks dapper!
    Your Mom is in my prayers today, although a day late. Eternal Rest! Everlasting Memory!

  3. Susan..you did a wonderful job on Deniska's bow tie.He looks so handsome.What a loving tribute to your mother.I was thinking about my mother on the 2nd since it was 35 years ago on that date that she went on to her heavenly reward.It saddens me that my daughters and grandchildren never knew her.

  4. He looks so handsome in his bowtie! I would never have thought to sew one. You are always so creative in the summer when you are off work!


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