Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reading Club

My boys attend one of the BEST elementary schools in the country.  The teachers are dedicated and go over and beyond what is expected.  They are a very special group of people.  Today, they gave up a day of summer vacation to meet with a group of students to discuss their summer reading books.  Every student received a free book (of their choice) and they were divided into groups.  They met at the park, discussed the book,and had a period of play and fellowship with each other as well.   The boys enjoyed it very much.  Thank you teachers for being the best!

Aren’t these students just the cutest upcoming 4th graders?!  I just love this age!!


  1. yes, 4th grade is a great age, you might want to enjoy the next few years all you can before the geeky, hormone, jr high stage starts :)
    summer reading programs are great, our public library offers a great one that my children enjoyed and is still going strong
    I will take Gavin and Elizabeth in a few years, won't that be fun?

  2. What a dedicated group of teachers Susan.Sure wish Jeremy's school had something like this program.He loves to read non fiction and is like a sponge taking it all in!I love this age too!Hard to remember our daughters at this age but I sure am enjoying Jeremy at this age.


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