Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys, Dinner, Pictures

While dinner was cooking, I was looking at my picture file and realized that I had not taken a single picture of the boys this month.  For some reason, I had lots of pictures of the cats!  I think this is because the boys are too hard to get to sit still long enough to take a picture.  So, I decided to make some candid shots at dinner time.  We had roast tonight for dinner and it was really good, even if I say so myself. 

I promise that I was not making Deniska eat with his hands!  He had silverware somewhere. 

The carnation, least you think we are really cheap and just bought one, was a gift from Chick-Fil-A on Valentine's Day.  It is still pretty (and the only flower I got!)   This is Nikolai's "I can't believe I have to smile for a stupid picture" smile.  His hair is beginning to look a little shaggy.  I guess it is time to take them to the hairdresser for a good cut.  After dinner, they started their homework.  It was so pretty when we got home from school today that I let them play outside right up to dinner time.

Sam wanting to help Nikolai with his homework - isn't that sweet?!  And, of course, I had to put at least one cat picture in the bunch!


  1. I always love pictures of your handsome sons!! (and the cats, too, of course!)

  2. Wow Very nice and sweet smile . Lovely and beautiful its cats . fantastic your dinner and great idea. really i like that ......


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