Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nikolai update

Nikolai missed his first day of school since he has been going to school today.  His fever yesterday was around 104, today it has been more 100 or 99.  The doctor called to tell me that the culture did not indicate strep throat and that it was just a virus.  He surely has been sick for "just a virus"!!  He said his throat still hurt a little bit.  She said I should stop the amoxicillin.  I have not decided if we will go to school tomorrow or not.  We might just both stay home one more day.  I do not want him to give anyone else this virus.  I do admit he has been so sweet today.  He had pizza for breakfast and lunch.  And, has munched on the brownies I made for him this morning.  I am glad his appetite is back that I have let him eat anything he wants.  

I made Deniska sleep on the couch last night.  He thought that was a great adventure!  He couldn't understand why Nikolai was not going to school this morning!  So what if he was running a temperature, coughing, had a sore throat, and blowing his nose.  Is that any reason not to go to school?!!  Oh, to be 10 again!! 


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  2. So sorry to hear that Nikolai has been so sick.Hope he is feeling better today.His symptons remind me of how sick Jeremy was last year.The test for H1N1 came back negative.Later I had heard that a lot of the tests that were coming back negative were actually positive.Both grandchildren received flu shots at school back in the fall so hopefully they are fully protected.They are saying that H1N1 is going around in our area.

  3. I hope he feels better really soon! And that none of the rest of you get sick!

    Linda in VA

  4. I'm glad your Nikolai is feeling better. My husband has a similar virus. I made him brownies tonight to make him feel better. I would keep him home from school another day and I am speaking as a former school teacher! Sometimes going back too soon causes a relapse. Thanks for visiting the blog again. I like your idea about some sort of metal piece on the pantry door. Hmmm!

  5. I hope he has recovered and you all can get some rest this weekend. There are a lot of nasty bugs going around.


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