Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Menu

We made it through Lent without eating out.  The only exception was when I was sick in bed and Dennis took the boys out to eat for a couple of days.  I did a little research in Quicken to find out that we saved $504 from eating in every night instead of eating out for the season of Lent!  I was totally excited about that fact.  So, we will continue to eat in and watch our bank account grow.  What I thought was interesting is that I did not spend any more in groceries during this time.    Thank goodness for coupons and smart shopping! 

Monday - Tater Taco casserole, cabbage (edited 3/25/11)  the casserole has corn in it and I did not have a cabbage head to cook!

Tuesday - BBQ  Chicken, green beans

 Wednesday - chicken broccoli alfredo linguine

Thursday - tacos/nachos, corn

Friday - egg salad sandwiches, red beans and rice

Saturday - homemade pepperoni pizza

Sunday -grilled hamburgers, beans


  1. Good for you Susan! You don't have to keep a goal perfectly to still be successful.
    every meal on your menu sounds good to me, maybe I will drop in for a meal or two. :)

    hope you have a good day back at school after your long break.

  2. Great job on the savings by eating in! It is healthy and gives you money to use for better things too. I love cooking so it is never a punishment for us. We are even finding on my day of bad FM attacks, there are quick and easy things you can make at home without feeling worse for having to be in the kitchen.

    Have fun cooking for your family!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Hi Susan, just getting caught up. Congrats on eating in and saving $500!! Isn't it amazing how quickly it add up?!?! I love the weeks I try to eat with ONLY what is in the freezer or the cupboard.


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