Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just jump in!

I have the best husband!  He has worked really hard (and I mean really, really hard) to get the algae pond pool open this year.  After several trips to the pool store and lots of chemical and hard work, it's almost ready.  He changed the pool from a dark green to crystal clear.  See that fish in the bottom photo?  That's Wanda.  She usually vacuums the pool on her own.  Dennis wanted Nikolai to use the manual vacuum on the pool.  Nikolai is vacuuming the pool while Deniska just jumps in!  Isn't that the way it always is?  I think Wanda had gotten up the bulk of the leaves and dirt.  We might need to get Wanda a friend!  I wish she could vacuum the house for us!


  1. the pool water looks really pretty to me.
    I think D and N will have a great summer with lots of swimming ahead.

    happy Mothers day to you.

  2. Susan...your pool looks so inviting.We had one like that when we lived in the St.Louis.I remember all of the hard work of opening it up in May.We thought that the Spring weather would never warm up to use the pool.Then the heat of summer hit which made the water feel like bath water by the time August rolled around.Hope your weather there in SC is nicer for a pool.


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