Sunday, May 22, 2011

LIttle Boys and Prayers

 Deniska has been praying for a few years for a dog.  His daddy has been absolutely against having a dog.  On Friday, I emailed a few folks to inquire about any of them having puppies.  I had finally talked their daddy into having a small dog.  Friday afternoon when we arrived home, this dog was waiting on us at our house.  We don't know who he belongs to, but he is a sweetie.  I believe he is a foxhound and obviously was loved at one point.  He has a collar and flea collar on so I know he has been taken well care of.  Since we live in a rural setting, he could have come from anywhere.  I remind the boys daily that he is not our dog and someone will soon be to get him.  In the meantime, both boys (especially D) are in heaven walking and playing with the dog.  They have named him Buster. 
 I admit that I love like the dog too.  He doesn't chase the cats, doesn't bark, and just wags his tail.  Although, he wouldn't eat my biscuit this morning! 
Doesn't he have a sweet face?!  So, I'm off to the store to buy a small bag of dog food for him to eat.  Then, at some point, we will have to decide how to locate his owners.  Dennis suggested that he might have been put out if the owners couldn't support him any longer.  I do know that there was a strange truck driving slow on our road the same day he showed up.  Perhaps they saw the bicycles and toys and knew Buster would be well loved.  We'll give it a few more days before we take him to the vet to see what he needs.


  1. He is certainly a good looking dog! That is really nice of you to care for Buster until you find his home or to make him a part of your family if you don't find where he lives. I hope it all works out well in the end. I could never do that because my girls would get too attached and not want to do the right thing when the time came. He looks like a perfect little friend for your family, though! Wishing all the best.

  2. This reminds me of how we got our last cat Lucy.
    Two years ago our sweet 17 year ld Muffie died and we were catless until last December. We always said " A cat will find us when the time is right" and she did! Lucy showed up at our door hungry, scared and in heat! We tried finding her family going door to door and took her to the vet in case she had a micro-chip-(no she didn't)since then she has stayed with us and is the most interesting cat we have ever had. So I hope Buster stays with you and your family.
    Here's just one post of many about our Lucy
    Thanks for visitng my blog!

  3. Maybe this dog is a good way to show mom and dad that the boys will commit with a dog? I hope they enjoy having him around even if the owner does show up and if he does, he can be happy his dog was well cared for. I cannot believe anyone would just dump a good pet. Good place to leave him where he can find puppy love.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. oh how sweet, he was 'sent' to you te tell you your boys need their own little doggie.

  5. He looks like a sweetie and he could be my brother's dog's brother.
    My brothers dog, Boomer, is a rescued mutt and is a great dog.
    I am guessing he was probably dropped off too.

  6. Buster looks like such a sweet gentle dog.I can tell that Deniska is really taken with Buster.Jeremy's daddy doesn't want to have any pets.Our three cats and one dog are all considered to be Jeremy's pets too.Jeremy and our dog Max have formed such a close bond.Please keep us updated on Buster.


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