Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suggestions? Please!

This is my porch, my tiny, teeny porch.  I very hastily took a picture this afternoon to show you what we have done so far.  I do realize the water can, fertilizer, and electrical cord all need to be put up. 

This is the close up of the flower that we bought to put on the chair.  I think my chair needs a new coat of paint this summer.

 This is a close of the wreath on the door.  I reworked an old wreath. 

The boys and I put together this pot today.  I think it will be pretty once the plants gets established and starts to grow more. 
So, suggestions?  It just doesn't look pulled together to me for some reason.  I think it needs more, less, something!  What do you think?


  1. Susan,

    I would maybe put two more pots of plants on the stairs - like you have the big one, then have a medium one on the first stair and then a smaller one on the third stair....
    I do like the worn look of the red paint on the chair, but if you wanted to repaint it, maybe do it in yellow, or black, or green....

    Linda in VA

  2. I think a shrub on each side of the second step would draw you up to the front door. Planting maybe a dwarf shrub of some sort is something you will have for years to come too. Maybe something that adds interest in other seasons.

    Another idea which might cost more is a fencing (wooden or iron) on each side of the porch to also draw your eye. This is probably a more impractical solution as far as the work involved.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Linda posted what I was thinking--a (colorful) pot of flowers on each step. I visualize the boys rushing home, crowding the entry, so I would keep the pots to one side--the right side--since the door opens from the left. I'd keep the left side free as a clear walkway.
    The chair looks good where it is. A new coat of paint would be a nice change.

    Andrea in Calif

  4. A girl in town has a tiny porch like yours. She found two wooden boxes that she set on either side of the steps and put plants in them as though they were a planter. Visually the boxes expanded the length of the porch from door to steps and because the planters were the height of the porch it sort of boxed in the steps on either side. As I said, visually it looked as though the porch was made bigger. I had to look three times to see just how she managed it.
    Terri aka PennyAnn

  5. Its a cute little porch. Love the chair and its worn look. Not sure I would paint it. Yeah, maybe a couple more planters on the stairs with some vibrant color flowers.


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