Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Camp will be good for them!"

"Camp will be good for them!"  These were the words that my sweet husband used to convince me to send our two 10-year old angels babies boys to camp.  A camp that is a galaxy a few hours away from us.  A camp in the wilderness a state park. Did the man not know that I would have separation anxiety?!  Finally, I gave in, Dennis filled out the applications, and sent in the necessary paperwork and money.  We received the acceptance letter back and made the agonizing plans.  The date is fast approaching and I decided we should grill ask the boys one last time if they want to go.

Mama:  Boys, camp is coming up on Sunday.  Are you sure that you want to go?
Deniska:  I don't know Mama.  I think I want to stay home with you.
Mama:  (thinking to myself, that's my boy!  He loves me.  I'm feeling pretty good right now.)
Nikolai:  Well, I want to go!
Mama:  Why Nikolai?  (Said in my most comforting voice.  Surely, it had to be because of the lure of the outside and swimming!  Yes, that was it!)
Nikolai:  Mom, don't take this personal, but I just need a break.
Mama:  (puzzled) A break?  Well, you know Deniska will be in the same cabin with you.
Nikolai:  Not Deniksa, Mom, from you!

Needless to say, I packed his suitcase first! 

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  1. Hi Susan, after I laughed so loud when I read this, I had to read it to Jeff. He is still laughing!

    I expect N's break will be fun but will also make him appreciate home even more.

    hope you all have a wonderful week.

  2. It took me a minute to stop laughing so I could type!! Don't you wish he could just tell you what he REALLY thinks!?!? wink wink

    Good luck...I am sure they will be fine and so will you!

  3. Hi Susan ~~ I was going to tell you that camp is for Mom's too, to be alone for a bit. But your Nikolai beat me to it. Enjoy, it only lasts/hurts for a little bit!
    Happy 6WS! You can come to Texas and have a fish taco with us. The boys and hubby too. About a fourth of our restaurants serve Tex Mex.

  4. That's funny! I'll bet they will appreciate you more when they return! Enjoy the free time :)

  5. Hopped over here from Rhonda's blog! Hey, at least you are raising a kid who is honest, if not diplomatic!

  6. LOL... too funny! I hope they have a great time at camp!

  7. He'll learn! I bet they have a whale of a time, even if you don't. Remember "Hello Fader, hello Mudder, here I am in Camp Granada5" which all turned out well in the end.

    The first time we left our two babies with the Grandparents so that we could have a weekend away - the first break in 5 years - we did nothing but talk about the children, think about the children, buy presents for the children.

  8. Oh, my:D I hope you all enjoy the break; absence makes the heart grow fonder!

    Thank you for the visit and your encouraging comment.

  9. My parents also[sold me to gypsies] sent me to camp when I was young.

  10. To funny what children will say to you! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  11. Nothing like kids to set things straight!! Lol! I get that daily around here. =)

  12. I never went to sleep away camp but my sister has been going since she was 8 and has always had an amazing time! I'm sure your boys will love it :)

  13. Out of the mouths of babes...! :)

  14. This hilarious My daughter is 3 now but someday I will be living this scenario I am sure lol

  15. and this finds me actually laughing out load, literally!!!!!!

    eh!! you asked!!!!
    quite good and they will indeed have the best of times. i just hope it is a reputable organization and that all adults there are trustworthy, you know...what i mean?!

    i once went to a winter camp, and my parents had the same reaction as you, and i remember my uncle, who was there when i left, even shedding a tear...

    get over it, folks!!

  16. Susan...that is just way too funny.Hope they have a wonderful week at camp and that you enjoy all of your "ME" time:)

  17. This is just too funny! I bet they are having a wonderful time!

  18. Silly mommy, the boys probably had a wonderful time! And you had time to yourself, which is always nice!

  19. Too funny! Hey...when you feel the need to tell them that you can say you are leaving to have a break in Susan's Spot (i.e. my back garden). :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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