Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday's Are Made For DIY Projects!

I talked my sweet husband in to helping me recover my kitchen chairs today.  I had ordered the material a few weeks ago and if I didn't cover those chair this weekend it might have been another project to go by the wayside.  We went to Lowe's and bought a new staple gun (since we did not own one) and staples.  Dennis got out his handy dandy drill and off we started!  He removed all the screws (I did help him on removing but he tighten them all up when we put them back!)

We hammered in new sliders on the chairs!  That was a job we had put off.

Is this not beautiful fabric?  Now I realize this is not for everyone but it met my criteria.  It has all the colors of the kitchen and living room in it AND it was on sale!!  Saving me lots of $$$.  I ordered a yard too much but that is OK.  I have plans for that material!

My new staple gun and staples.  I bought 2 sizes of staples and that was a good move!

I also covered this little foot stool.  Ignore the dust on it, I had it put up and didn't bother to dust it before I snapped the picture.

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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. When I first clicked the link to your blog I got a huge smile on my face from the peaceful sleeping kitty!

    I adore your new chairs, AND the foot stool! Are they in the same room, or two different rooms? I love how well it matches the blue wall in the back ground, that couldn't have possibly been an accident!

    Great work and great job to your husband for helping out! Men seem to easily bribed with power tools! :)

  2. Oh so very cool, great help and new chairs! I so love the pattern you picked! Nice job!

  3. Ha Ha - I am supposed to be cleaning my garage and doing laundry but alas, I am reading the Six Word Saturday posts instead! You are reminding me to get to my DIYs! (My husband thanks you! )

  4. We love DIY projects at our house! Your chairs (and the stool) look great. I love the colorful material, it's so pretty! Great job!

  5. I love your material - it's so cheerful :)

  6. Beautiful!! and those floor are nice too..good thing they wont be getting scratched! :0)

  7. I love the chairs. How fun. I so wish I knew how to recover furniture. Wow, I'd be busy for a long time LOL.

  8. which reminds me: i have to do my own diningroom chairs. got the stapler, the fabric but ran out of staples, and my local hardware shop closed a little while ago. will have to find a new one, somewhere...

    nice job!!

  9. very nice projects! I expect you will smile every time you pull out a chair and see the pretty seats.

    I bought my own staple gun about 10 years ago, I don't use it real often but when I do need it, it makes projects so easy and I am really glad I have it.

  10. I love the fun fabric you used! It is so bright and colorful :)

  11. Well, really a second Make do and Mend project and boy did they turn out great too! What a girl cannot do with a load of fabric and a staple

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. Wow! I love your new fabric! It looks great with your wall color. It looks fresh and upbeat. Can't wait to see what you do with your new little table.

  13. I love thee chairs so pretty.

  14. I absolutely love that fabric, it's totally something I would pick. I like everything full of color!

  15. Susan, I happen to love that fabric! Love the pattern & the color.


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