Saturday, June 30, 2012

Easy Living on Hot Summer Days!

Summer means it is too hot to play...

We will just watch Mama on her computer!

(I can't decide if Maxie thinks she is a cat or Oscar thinks he is a puppy!)

Maybe take a nap together....

Maybe share some secrets!

Maybe look at Mama like "I didn't do anything!"

 Maybe take another nap - this blogging is tiring!!

Wake us when it's dinner time!

We could sleep on the floor....

All in all, it's a good day!

Thanks for dropping by to spend some time with us!

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  1. "Oh for a dog's life!" They surely are enjoying watching you blog when they can stay awake.

    You have it right, Susan, for my 6WS question. I can't remember if these were men't or women's answers.

  2. Looks like they know how to enjoy a hot day.

  3. There is nothing that makes me smile more than photos of furkids, it's obvious that yours are much loved and get along beautifully! One of mine actually wrote my blog post for today, check it out! :-)

    Two Shoes In Texas 

  4. Oh wow what gorjuss photos, there is nothing like animals to make one's day- and you have just made mine!

  5. my pup hates the heat.....he does like to nap and stay cool too...

  6. What a cute dog! Is he/she a new one?

  7. What a cute dog! Is he/she a new one?


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