Saturday, February 15, 2014

Frugal February Weeks #1 and #2

I am really thinking of ways to save money since we are adding on to our house.  Although I have not told the rest of my family, we are going on a debt diet.  I just need to write it down for myself so I can keep my part on track.  I think February is the perfect month to start being more frugal!

Week 2 was an easy week to save money.  The snow really helped us all to stay home and not spend money!  

Savings for Week 2:
1.  I cooked all the meals.  Soup for lunch several days and then a nice hot supper each night.  My boys LOVE soup!  I don't mind cooking if I have the time.  The boys and Dennis loved having a home-cooked meal every night. No trips to the grocery store this week either!  I had plenty to eat from the freezer and pantry.  
2.  We have not move the car at all since Monday night.  Since school was called off, we all stayed home.  I don't mind staying at home.  I would all the time if I could.

3.  No internet shopping (Sunday - Friday) since the boys used the computers to play games.  I did order something today but it was a necessity and cheaper online than at the local stores.  Oh, I almost forgot, I did order child #2 a new iPod but he had cash in hand for that purchase.  He had saved his money for this purchase.  

4.  I used Swagbucks to earn points to trade in for Amazon cards.  

Not so frugal things from Week 1:
1.  I am afraid that the first week of February was not so frugal since we ate out a lot that week.  This was due to long work days for me.  I really need to avoid those.  Unfortunately, when you work two jobs, something has to give.  See there?  I am justifying again to myself!  I need to stop that as well.  I need to plan better!

2.  Lots of trips here and there that could have been combined.  

3.  I bought things for Valentine's Day that I ended up not giving due to the snow.  I could give them late but somehow it loses it charm....  

Any tips for being frugal?


  1. I like it she you are off work too becaus then you have time to blog.
    About blogs, they are picture diaries. I really like looking back at mine and seeing our lives docomunted.

    Did you apply for Adsense? I'll keep checking for your ads,

    I'll be on the frugal train right there with you. Would a few freezer foods, like Aldi frozen pizza or fried chicken, work for supper in your long days? They might take too long to cook too. Hope your figure out a good solution.

  2. Oh brother on the auto spell- I think you can tell that she is supposed to be when. But what the heck is docomunted? I meant documented. :)


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