Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's no secret that Blogs are all over the Internet and are offering a glimpse into the lives of all sorts of people - including Martha. Izzy, my precious kitten, has decided that Martha's blog is his favorite and reads it before I get a chance to every day!

Speaking of Izzy, he has been under the weather for the past several weeks. I took him to one vet who dismissed my concerns and sent him home with a cat laxative and charged me $32 to tell me that nothing was wrong. As Izzy lost weight, became more lethargic, and couldn't use the bathroom, I became more concerned. I then called my another vet and took Izzy to see him today. Dr. Moore felt that Izzy has some parasites in his large intestines. He gave him a really good exam, loaded me up with medicine for the baby, and sent me home ($235 later!) Yes, you read that right - $235! In contrast, I went by the drugstore to pick up my medicine and it was $4. Perhaps I would have been better off to take Izzy to my doctor! :-) Regardless, Izzy is worth the money and I hope he is soon feeling better. I would be so sad if something happened to him. He sleeps on top of my face every night and has not left my side since my mother died. Izzy is very sensitive to my moods.

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  1. Oh this is too cute!!! I love this photo. Izzy, enjoy Martha's blog. By the way, I did not even know Martha had a blog. :)

    I no longer take Dagi for yearly shots because of the high costs. He is always indoors and we have only him now so we stopped. I had a friend who's cat died after its yearly shots. There was some bad chemicals that got into the stuff that year. Well, I figure unless Dagi is ill, I will leave it as is. I know it is hard to understand why vets charge so much more than a medical doctor does. At any rate, I sure hope Izzy will be feeling better now.

    Hugs ~


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