Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New sidewalk

I wanted to share a picture of the new sidewalk we had put in this past week. The contractor also covered my porch with flagstone too. I am very happy with the results. Now all it needs is decorative grass to border the sides. This will have to wait until next spring. Notice the 2 "pineapples" by the front door. Those are cloth covered 2 liter bottles filled with gravel. These were VBS crafts and will have to stay there until this fall. Nicholas is looking out the front door, awaiting his release from inside. Silly cat!


  1. It really looks nice. I can just picture the grasses next year softening the path even more. Do all your cats like to be in the pictures? I think they are making wonderful photo models. :-)

    Hugs ~

  2. Heidi - yes, all my cats think they are fashion models and the camera was invented just for them!!

  3. Susan, the sidewalk is just beautiful. I really like it. Goes with the house so well.

    Love, Joyce

  4. this looks so nice! I love the way he covered the porch to match the sidewalk.
    I am thinking I would like some flagstone if we get to re-do our backyard next summer.

    silly cat! he does look really cute though.

  5. I love this - especially the matching porch and sweet kitty! :o)

  6. Your sidewalk and porch look so nice, I love flagstones. That Nicholas, he sure is a silly thing there in your header photo.


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