Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm stripping wallpaper borders today in order to think about painting in the next few weeks. We have decided on a blue for this bathroom. This is the border I am stripping - gosh, look how dirty my trim is! Oh well, at least you know we actually live here and it is cleaning day.... The rest of this week I will spend in sanding, cleaning, and prepping. I think that's the hardest part of painting, all the up front work. Maybe I can sweet talk Dennis in helping me to paint this weekend!


  1. Susan, you never cease to amaze me! Is there anything you cannot do? You also inspire me, but not enough to paint. lol. I'm sure Dennis will help you.

    Love, G'Ma Joyce

    When I first landed on your blog today, I saw the title, "Stripping" and had a momentary 'blurpy' in my stomach! Ib the next instant, I realized by the picture what you meant. HAHAHAHA! You are so creative!
    Thank you for your comments on my drafting, too! I love your ideas - beautiful, as always.


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