Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't even think about it....

Normally, I try to be a patient mother and wife. I tell myself, they can't help it, they are boys. But, today has found me growling and hissing more than usual. The boys are so cranky and ornery. I would like to pretend that they are perfect all the time and peace reigns in our home. Not today! They got in a fight at the Lowe's workshop. Then they were sassy with me on the way home. Finally, Deniska pushed me away as I was directing him not to come into my bedroom. I guess that is when I lost what little composure I had left. Does he not know that no one is happy if Mama is not happy?

They did not get enough sleep last night. They went to a local church for games and fun. They enjoy doing that very much but they get home late and hyped up on cookie and pizza does not allow for an easy transition to sleep. I see an early bedtime in store tonight. Now, let me go prowl my house and see who is in need of correction!

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  1. How would you charge to come to my home and implement your corrective measures?


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