Thursday, January 21, 2010

Relay for Life

I wish everyone could know my husband. He is the kindest, wisest, quirkiest person I know. He is very quiet but makes me laugh all the time. He is so serious, that sometimes everything he says and does is just hilarious! God really gave me a very precious gift when he gave me Dennis' heart. I treasure it every day. Oh, I get aggravated with him sometimes - like when he changes the voice mail after Deniska has left a really cute message, or when he just pours himself tea at dinner and doesn't think about the rest of us. But those are just small irritations. He puts his family first right after God. I think he is the holiest, most humble person I have ever met. He is quick to point out that he is a sinner and never have I heard him judge someone else harshly. He is the spiritual leader in our home and takes that role seriously. He has the boys involved in volunteer work monthly. I can't say that he is perfect (for there is only one person who has ever been perfect.) He has his imperfections like the rest of us. He doesn't like my turnip greens (but will eat them to set a good example for the boys), he is too quick to lose his temper and fly off the handle (and then apologize just as quickly), and heavens know that he is one stubborn person (if he would only do things my way!) But he loves his family fiercely and no one is going to hurt or take advantage of any of us.

I almost never had a happy family and a wonderful husband. Dennis was diagnosed with cancer when he was young man before we married. It was a serious cancer and the odds of him surviving was slim to none. But, by the grace of God and a skilled surgeon and other skilled doctors, he did survive. He has residual effects from the surgery. He is totally numb on his right side and has shooting, severe pain in his arm all the time. He rarely complains but offers his suffering up for others in more pain. What a man!! This year, we are all taking part in the Relay for Life in our county. He will be walking the survivor lap and the rest of us will be walking as well.

Now, here's how you can help. Please go to my personal webpage for Relay for Life and make a donation. It's not for me, it's not for Dennis (although I did make one in his honor), it's for all cancer patients and their families. Click here, or just click on the picture at the top of this post. If you are uncomfortable giving over the internet, there is a printable form that you can print out and mail in with your donation. Thank you on behalf of everyone who has been touched by cancer.


  1. You are all in my prayers. Your Husband is indeed a holy man and a joy to you and your children!

    My Dad has bladder cancer - we are praying it does not spread. He too, is a holy man.

    God is good.

  2. What a wonderful wife and daughter-in-law you are, Susan. I praise and thank God for you, that my son has such a caring and selfless wife. I am proud of him too, and all of you are in my prayers daily. How well I remember those tense days of being at the hospital before and after Dennis' surgery. Many people and churches were praying for him, and like you said, God is good (all the time!) I am very thankful that you have each other and of course, the boys. I miss all of you!

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your husband, Susan.
    I lost my mom to cancer in 1998, and I'm still trying to recover from her loss.


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