Monday, November 1, 2010

I have the nicest husband…

This morning I had to go to work and Dennis stayed home with the boys. The boys were out of school for a teacher in-service day. He took an annual day to stay home with them. They went in search of a Christmas present for me but since none of them could think of anything that I needed (except for a pair of scissors!), they ended up just eating lunch out. To be honest, I do think Dennis bought my annual charm for my charm bracelet today. They looked for an office chair but couldn't decide on what they wanted.

The best thing he did was to make my bed for me! I had pulled the sheets off this morning to wash before I left for work. I had dreaded all day coming home knowing that I would have to make the bed before tonight. My sweet husband did that for me. Not only did he make the bed, he put on the new quilt that I bought at Belk’s on Saturday. This quilt was marked down 70% and cost way less than what I could have made it. It’s perfect – lightweight and all the colors I love for this time of year.

Thank you, Honey, for making the bed. You are the BEST and I love you!! I know I am the luckiest person in the world!


Sam appreciated the bed being made as well. He loves a freshly made bed! Poor kitty got into a fight yesterday. If he is not better, we will be going to the vet tomorrow!


After I had posted this blog entry, I turned around and Nicholas had made himself comfortable on the bed. Isn’t he sweet?



  1. Susan, I have to agree with you that you have a nice husband. He's a keeper. I really miss you guys. I LOVE that's gorgeous. You have such good taste. And evidently the cats love it too.

    Take care and God bless.


  2. Hi Susan
    Yep, I think your hubby is a keeper!
    That quilt is so pretty, I've been wanting to do something new to our room and we have a Belks just 2 miles down the road. I better watch their sale papers closer.


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