Tuesday, May 6, 2008


D- is what I would give for a grade for today! It has not been a good day. I am tired, short-tempered, and edgy. I sure hope things will get better when I get home. Those poor little boys of mine. I hope I can maintain my composure and not fuss at them because I am frustrated with my job.

Nikolai threw up this morning before he went to school. He said his tummy did not feel good. Thankfully, I had told him to throw up in the trash can if he felt that he needed to. He has projectile vomit and it's not fun cleaning up after him. I sent him on to school since he was not running a fever and said he felt better. I have not heard from him today so I am guessing he feels fine. I wonder if he is lactose intolerant.
The doctor said he and Deniska both had to have 16 ounces a day of milk. Maybe I will give him yogurt instead. He is my picky eater and sometimes it's a challenge to get him to eat.

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  1. Susan - I am so sorry you had a bad day! Yes, I am sure your boys will forgive you too.

    About the lactose thing, I think my Bobby is lactose intolerant. He never cared for milk much so giving it up was no big deal.

    Cheese and yogurt have lots of calcium. Hope you find something that works for you all.

    oh- and I gave your blog an award, look my blog when you have time for the details.


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