Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Night Game

The boys had an early baseball game tonight. Only 7 of the players showed up for the game. One boy got there with 20 minutes left in the game. I took these pictures while we were waiting on the coach to arrive - he was only 10 mintues late. He's ALWAYS late. Nikolai was not in a smiling mood and Deniska was in a silly mood! They both did well in the game although Deniska did not get to run any. Considering the boys have only been playing baseball for a month, they are doing well. They both enjoy the game. Deniska says baseball is his favorite sport. Nikolai says basketball is his favorite sport which is really interesting since Nikolai has NEVER played basketball at all!

My friends, Gail and Robert, came to see the boys play. I think Deniska was a little nervous with his fan club being there. It was good to spend time with this nice couple. I really appreciate them coming so much. I feel that the boys miss out on having extended family to come and support them in their games.

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  1. What handsome boys they are, they look like they have grown some.
    Its great that they are in sports together, too bad the coach is always late. LOL Basketball is good for them too. Hope that they can learn to play that too.


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