Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Gift From the Heart

I wanted to share a very special Mother's Day gift that I received last night. What makes it special is that it is from Nikolai (he who never shows love). Nikolai is a serious little fellow who guards his emotions carefully. He is very much like his Papa. But once he decides he loves you, he gives you 200%. He is not one to make things for me. (Deniska makes me things several times a day or shares his food with me or brings in a bug to show me. He is as opposite of Nikolai as possible.) Nikolai is a thinker and observer. After the ball game last night, I went to Wal-Mart (all by myself - a rare treat) and bought the boys new socks and underwear. They are growing so fast. All their socks are too little along with their underwear. After a serious discussion on the pros and cons of boxer versus briefs, Deniska decided he wanted boxers and Nikolai wanted briefs. Just another example of both boys being opposite. So, I came home bearing new socks and underwear for both boys! They were so excited. It doesn't take much to entertain us! :) Nikolai then disappeared to bring me this lovely gift that he had created all by himself - a "Happy Momms Day" gift. He pointed out the holes in the bottom of the pot (so the Flowers could breathe), the writing on the side (so I would know who it was from) and the flowers (out of Grandma's yard.) I was so touched that this hard shelled little boy took the time to make his mama a gift. I assume the pot came from the shed outside and the flowers out of my mother's flower garden. I know she would be pleased that he picked her flowers for me. Notice the writing on the pot. I am so proud of him and Deniska with the progress they have made in school this year. This gift is priceless to me! I love being a Mama. Dennis and I are truly blessed to have such sweet boys.


  1. What a special gift frp, the heart for Nikolai to make and give to you.This kind of special gifts are the ones that you will never forget.

  2. What a wonderful gift and how sweet your boys are. You are all blessed to have each other.


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