Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pre-Mother's Day Gifts

My family is really spoiling me for Mother's Day this year. I received 3 more presents yesterday. The first 2 are from Deniska and Nikolai. Dennis took them to Home Depot for their monthly free workshop. The boys made these cute pencil holders with wooden flowers! Aren't they cute?!

The second gift came from my husband. He is such a good husband. He is not going to sing me songs, or write poetry, or even let me watch all the Law & Order shows that I want to watch. What he is going to do, is to keep me safe in my car. He took the car yesterday and had the oil changed, took it through the car wash, and bought a new battery for the car! How's that for romantic? I think it shows his love in ways that words will not. He wants me and the boys to be in a safe car. The battery was 6 years old and he felt it needed to be replaced for our safety. He did not want us to be stranded somewhere at night (or during the day.) It's a beautiful battery - all nice and shiny and new!


  1. I think thats the best gift you could get. He cares that you and the boys are always safe.
    Love the things the boys made. My children are all grown. (can't believe it still) and I have everything they ever made me. I treasure everything. You will too. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hee got a keeper there. :p


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