Friday, May 16, 2008

Spelling test

Our boys are as different as night and day. Deniska is full of smiles and hugs for everyone, while Nikolai tends to be a grouch. We love them both and wouldn't change a thing about them. Recently, this point was made clear when they both came home with their weekly spelling test.

Nikolai has 10 words with 2 extra credit words. He spelled all 10 words correctly and spelled 1 of the extra credit words correctly. This gave him a score of 11/10 (or 110)! What a proud mama I was as I looked at his test neatly taken from his folder.

Mama: Oh Nikolai! Look at this test! You did wonderful. Let me give you a kiss and a hug!

Nikolai: No Mama. I don't want a kiss and a hug,

Mama: Why?

Nikolai: Because (he said exasperatingly) I missed one of the extra credit words and only got 11 correct. That is nothing to be happy about. I wanted to get all 12 words.

Mama: (to Deniska) Deniska, where is your spelling test?
Deniska also has a spelling test of 10 words but no extra credit words.
Deniska: Did I take one?

Mama: I feel sure you did. Look in your book bag.

Deniska: (after emptying everything out of the book bag) Here it is! It's a little wrinkled. I am so sorry Mommy that it's wrinkled. That book bag just wrinkles up my papers. (It was in the bottom of his bag instead of his folder.)

Mama: (Dismayed as I looked at all the words marked wrong except for one) Deniksa! You only spelled one word right?!
Deniska: (beaming) Yes, isn't that great?!!!!!

Mama: And, just why is this great?

Deniska: Because (he said exasperatingly) I got that word right!! I didn't miss every word. Aren't you proud of me? (smiling)

Deniska was just as proud of his one word right as Nikolai was disappointed in his one word wrong. We have to celebrate our children where they are. No need to scold Deniska when he was proud of his one word spelled correctly. I just hugged them both, told them how proud I was of them, and said a prayer of thanksgiving for making each one so very different.


  1. Oh, Susan, that was just too precious! God has given you such love and wisdom for those two so very different angels. I laughed and almost cried as I read their comments. Am I a proud grandma or not? I almost missed your most recent posting about G'ma's visit. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing/hearing their antics in person. lol G'Ma

  2. I loved this!!
    God always meets us at our point of need, and I feel sure He gives that trait to moms, too. Your boys are so precious, and they are as blessed to have you as you are blessed to have them!

  3. Susan,
    I loved reading about their different thoughts concerning their respective spelling tests.Love the picture.They are both such precious boys!

  4. Your boys are so sweet and I get tears in my eyes reading about them because they are amazingly like my Bobby and Jimmy were back at their age.

    Bless Deniska's heart on the spelling, none of my children got the spelling gene but they all love spell check!


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