Thursday, May 22, 2008

A stroll in the yard

I took a stroll in the yard today while the boys were at a baseball game. I worked until 6 PM and the game started at 5:30. I came home to start dinner for them. I walked out the door to water my tiny garden. You can read more about it on my garden blog, Dirt, Worms and Boys. Anyway, I took a few shots as I walked. I love lamb's ears. I just like to feel them. Nicholas, of course, thinks he owns the whole yard. He is always ready to pose for his mama.

I started packing my classroom up today. I threw/gave away out tons of things/books that I will never use. I also helped the students write term papers. I think I can write a MLA Works Cited entry in my sleep now! I have never written so much about Albert Einstein, the Black Plague, Zombies, and King Arthur. Lots of more papers to help write tomorrow - I only have 27 to help write. The kids have the ideas, they just need help in getting it from their brain to the paper. They are such sweet kids!! I really hate to see them leave me this year.

I talked to the principal yesterday about my schedule. I have 2 periods of inclusion with Physical Science - oh my!! I will hold my judgment on those classes until next year. My schedule is all mixed up next year but that's OK. I don't mind at all. I have spent a lot of hours yesterday and today mulling over how I can help the kids better with Physical Science, English, Algebra, and Global Studies. I need to start writing down ideas now before they fly out of my head over the summer.

Well, Dennis just called and they are headed home. I guess I need to hop up and start cooking!

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St. Therese

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